Is Profhilo a filler or biorevitalizer?
NEITHER. Profhilo is something new and indicated for skin bio remodeling.
How does it work?
We know that Profhilo stimulates collagen (I, III, IV, VII and elastin) better than H-HA and L-HA, owing to the slow and long lasting release of HA from the hybrid complexes. This is due to an action on skin’s fibroblast and keratinocytes.
What is the rationale behind the 5-BAP injection technique?
Reducing the risk by injecting in anatomically safe areas, increasing patient compliance and achieving global lifting and corrective results on the malarsubmalar area.
When are the results noticeable?
After 1-2 days, but the full effect can be seen after one week. In some patients the improvement is not visible after one treatment: for this reason we suggest 2 treatments.
How long do the results last?
4-6 months. According to the instrumental and clinical data collected, the results are still visible two months after the second treatment.
Does Profhilo cause swelling?
No. When Profhilo is injected correctly in the suggested injection layer (not too superficial) and in the suggested area (malar-submalar area) there is no swelling.
Are there expected complications?
Some undesired effects which may appear at the injection site are pain, sensation of heat and reddening or swelling (as listed in the package insert). These generally disappear in a short period of time. The injection point on the zygomatic protrusion may disappear more slowly than the others (up to 1 week).
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